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Ian's Fat Loss Transformation - Myolean Fitness

It’s truly mind-blowing what you can do with your physique in a short 4 months when you consistently apply the basics of proper training and nutrition.

At 43 years young, which is right around when most guys completely give up on their body, Ian stepped up and took charge.

The results?

He managed to drop 18 pounds of weight, reduce his body fat from 25% to an athletic 15%, and lose 8 cm from his waist, while also building some muscle and getting stronger on EVERY LIFT!

This goes to show that it’s never too late to make a start, and that the sooner you do, the sooner you can enjoy your results!

Great job, Ian!

Which plan did you sign up for?

I signed up for the Online Fitness Coaching (Training and Nutrition).

What were your greatest frustrations before your started working with Myolean Fitness?

There is too much conflicting information available online.

What has your experience been working with us?

Excellent! I achieved my agreed goals.

Ian's Fat Loss Transformation Progress - Myolean Fitness

What did your training and nutrition look like?

The training plans were presented in an easy to understand format, with the opening section providing an initial overview of the plan‘s objectives and then further detail on how to apply the plan when in the gym.

The nutrition plans provided an easy-to-use reference that clearly demonstrated how the macronutrients and nutritional requirements for meals are constituted. When used in conjunction with MyFitnessPal, the nutritional plans are very educational, as they serve as a template to show you how to create your own daily meals.

What do you like most about the plan you signed up for?

I liked the way it fitted into my lifestyle.

What have been your greatest achievements on the plan so far?

Losing fat, gaining some muscle, and learning a ton about nutrition and dieting.

Would you recommend this plan to others? If so, why?

Yes, as it helps you understand how your diet and training really works.

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