Custom-Made Sample Meal Plan

Custom-Made Sample Meal Plan

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Custom-made 3-day sample meal plan with calorie and macronutrient numbers included, made from scratch by one of our experts to fit your personal preferences and fitness goals (muscle building, fat loss, strength improvement, etc.)

Not sure if this is for you or do you have any other questions? Just contact us for more info.

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This is a custom-made 3-day sample meal plan made from scratch by one of our experts and is designed specifically for you and your fitness goals.

The sample meal plan takes into account your current body composition, metabolic rate, the type and duration of physical activity you engage in, your personal food and meal timing preferences, as well as your fitness goals.

For each of the three days of the sample meal plan, specific recommendations with regards to food item selection, quantity and timing are given. These include the calorie content of each food item as well as its macronutrient content.

Supplementation recommendations are also provided if requested and if deemed necessary/beneficial.

How it works:

1. Following your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions and a detailed questionnaire to answer.

2. Once you complete and return the questionnaire, we will use your answers to create your custom sample meal plan. It usually takes us 3-5 business days to build your plan and email it to you in print-friendly PDF format.

3. Once you receive your meal plan, you check it out and let us know during your free follow-up consultation if there are any tweaks or adjustments that you would like us to make.

4. If you run into any issues in the future, we are always available to answer your questions via e-mail.

Additional information


The sample meal plans are tailored to your individual goals. Typically, these will include fat loss, muscle building or body recomposition (i.e. both fat loss and muscle building).


Both. The sample meal plans are individualized, so your gender is taken into account.


Our sample meal plans are designed to fit your budget. We don't want to have you buying fancy and expensive tropical fruit. We want you to achieve your goals in the easiest, cheapest way possible.

Health Issues

We are NOT doctors or Registered Dietitians and our sample meal plans are NOT designed to cure diseases or treat health conditions. If you suffer from any health conditions please talk to a qualified medical professional or Registered Dietitian before making and dietary changes. You can always email us at for any questions before making a purchase.