Online Fitness Coaching (Training & Nutrition)

Online Fitness Coaching (Training & Nutrition)

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With the Training & Nutrition Online Fitness Coaching plans, you get:

  • a detailed assessment and appraisal of your past and current training experience as well as of your fitness goals.
  • a comprehensive training plan made from scratch by one of our fitness experts and designed specifically for you, your lifestyle, preferences, and fitness goals. This includes exercises, sets, repetitions, lifting tempo, rest intervals, intensity loads, planned deloads and a progression plan, as well as specific instructions for cardiovascular exercise.
  • powerful training software (app for Android and iPhone) for:
    • accessing your workouts
    • obtaining pictured examples, short video guides and written descriptions of all exercises
    • tracking your workouts to a T (sets, reps, loads used, and so on)
    • instantly messaging your coach
    • recording progress (weight, body measurements, progress photos, etc.)
  • a detailed assessment and appraisal of your past and present nutritional behaviors, including a food diary analysis so we can see exactly what your nutrition looks like and what you can improve.
  • ongoing nutritional coaching which, depending on your goals, needs and personal preferences, can include all or any combination of the following:
    • A comprehensive personalized 3-day sample meal plan which takes into account your current body composition, metabolic rate, physical activity levels, personal food and meal timing preferences, etc.
    • Tips and support to help you create better eating habits.
    • Specific recommendations on calorie and macronutrient targets to follow, including help with food selection, portion control, meal timing, and so on
  • individualized supplementation recommendations
  • ongoing support and weekly check-ins with your coach for accountability and motivation as well as for for making adjustments and tweaks to your plans.

How it works:

1. Following your purchase, we will email you with your welcome pack and with some data collection forms to complete electronically.

2. Once you complete and return the forms, we will use your answers to create your  training and nutrition plans. During this process, we may have follow-up questions for you, so you should expect some back-and-forth email messaging.

3. As soon as your plans are ready, we will assign you with a coach and e-mail you with a link to download the training application (Android/iPhone) and log into your account. Please note that it usually takes us a maximum of 5 business days (but usually much sooner) to build your plan.

4. From there on, you will have weekly email check-ins with your coach where you’ll talk about your progress, any tweaks and changes that need to be made to your plan, questions you may have, and so on.


Before making a purchase, please look at the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnare (PAR-Q) form below to make sure that you are ready to start becoming more physically active. 

PAR-Q Form

Additional information

Fitness Level

We cater to all fitness levels. It is, however, highly advised that complete beginners work with a local fitness instructor to learn proper execution of exercises.


Our training and sample meal plans are tailored to your individual goals. Typically, these will include fat loss, muscle building or body recomposition (i.e. both fat loss AND muscle building).


Both. The training and sample meal plans are individualized, so your gender is taken into account.

Home or Gym

Our training plans are designed so that they can be performed with the equipment you have available. We design both at-home and at-the-gym workouts.

Health Issues

We are NOT doctors and our training and nutrition coaching is NOT designed to cure diseases or treat health conditions. If you suffer from any health conditions or if you can think of any reason why you should not do physical activity, please talk to a qualified medical professional before starting an exercise regimen or before making and dietary changes. You can always email us at for any questions before making a purchase.